Congruity360 Delivers Action-Based Information Governance Analytics

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Originally posted by Congruity360. KNJ is a Congruity360 company.

Pembroke, MA (March 27, 2018) – Congruity360, a leading provider of professional and fully managed services for enterprise data management, brings to market Audit, Intelligence, Action (AIA), a comprehensive information governance solution enabling enterprise companies to audit, gather intelligence on, and take action with their data. Congruity360’s information governance solution combats the constant resource drain that arises from consistently expanding data sets while mitigating potentially devastating regulatory risk.

Dynamic artificial intelligence quantifies all information stored within a network, regardless of data or repository characteristics. The resulting deep data intelligence allows IT teams to strategically save, archive, or defensibly delete data in accordance with retention policies developed collaboratively by Congruity360 expert consultants and internal counsel. The reduced data set enables customers to decommission costly storage infrastructure and redirect budget dollars towards revenue-generating priorities. AIA also delivers robust enterprise search capabilities as well as unique indexing and clustering functionalities delivered within seconds or minutes compared to the current norm of hours, days, and even weeks.

“Action driven by intelligence and technology is the most efficient, defensible, and repeatable process to manage a company’s growing data footprint,” said Kirk Carter, Congruity360 Managing Partner [and KNJ360 CEO]. “Congruity360’s AIA technology gives our clients the ability to make intelligent decisions with a new level of data transparency.”

The concept of mitigating risk by gaining a greater understanding of stored data is particularly relevant in light of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which impacts all businesses processing personal data that originated in the EU. The financial implications of GDPR noncompliance are harsh and could swiftly devastate a business if levied. AIA protects businesses from GDPR vulnerability while also providing FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, PCI, and PHI compliance protection.

Congruity360 solutions architects presented at Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference in March 2018, demonstrating the power of machine learning working in tandem with the AIA solution to achieve deep learning on millions of documents in real time. Congruity360 offers AIA alongside eDiscovery and archive solutions within the C360 suite, a collection of enterprise search and information management tools. Created by the 2017 merger of data storage industry leader Congruity and eDiscovery consulting firm KNJ, Congruity360 is a single source provider with the ability to provide software, hardware, and services within a highly secure, fully managed environment.

Data Management Veterans Partner to Form Congruity360

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Enabling Customers & Partners with Complete End to End Data Management Solutions

Pembroke, MA (June 21, 2017) – Congruity LLC (Congruity), a data storage industry leader providing net new hardware sales and managed services, and KNJ, Inc. (KNJ), an electronic discovery consulting and professional services boutique, today announce the formation of Congruity360, a strategic union among innovators in their respective fields. Founded by industry leaders Sean Brady and Brian Davidson, co-founders of Congruity, MSDI, and Rockland IT Solutions; Kirk Carter, a veteran of several successful eDiscovery businesses including KNJ; and Mark Shirman, founder and former CEO of GlassHouse Technologies, Congruity360 is a comprehensive solution provider for complete enterprise data lifecycle management.

Congruity360 will deliver high-quality managed services and solutions across storage, migration, support, information governance, and turnkey colocation services within its privately-owned data center. Legal services, including eDiscovery, will be under the Congruity360 brand as KNJ360. Bolstered by expert-level engineers, technology-agnostic processes, and world-class logistics, Congruity360 is dedicated to reducing cost, driving innovation, and improving customer experience.

“Congruity360 excels by becoming an extension of our clients’ teams,” said Mark Shirman, Chief Operating Officer of Congruity360. “We provide comprehensive and high-quality solutions, giving customers more time to focus on their critical business strategies. We are successful when we make them more successful – a true partner through and through.”

“We wouldn’t have gotten where we are today, positioned for future growth because of the environment we were able to create, without Congruity360’s help,” said Wayne Campos, President and CEO of MIET Healthcare.

“Under the Congruity360 brand, KNJ360 will continue to deliver the exceptional responsiveness and service that our clients know and expect, while broadening our offerings,” said Kirk Carter, Managing Partner of Congruity360. “We will be able to implement cost-effective and comprehensive eDiscovery and information governance solutions by leveraging our shared resources, such as the company’s equipment, maintenance, and colocation data center services.”

Congruity360 will continue to grow its customer base through robust and agnostic partner programs and has recently announced a strategic training partnership with Pure Storage. Trainings will be conducted in Congruity360’s brand new state-of-the-art executive briefing center (EBC) at their data center located in Fall River, MA. The EBC is slated to open its doors in August 2017.

About Congruity360

Congruity360 is a comprehensive solution provider for complete data lifecycle management. By simplifying and optimizing IT infrastructures, Congruity360 empowers partners to focus on their core business competencies by increasing data reliability and reducing risk. Congruity360 is dedicated to innovation, collaboration, and transformation in an ever-evolving IT ecosystem.

About KNJ360

KNJ360, a Congruity360 brand, is an eDiscovery consulting boutique that develops innovative and effective workflows for information governance and electronic discovery matters. The team’s strategic approach is grounded in its expertise with top-tier technologies that allow for customizable implementations to suit individual corporate environments and legal matters. KNJ360’s accomplished eDiscovery consultants and project managers are litigation technology veterans who provide guidance and insight that goes beyond the expected.